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Root Hog Lacrosse

Before lacrosse was a business, it was a game.

Why Root Hog?

Short Answer: Your player will have fun and get quality coaching at a reasonable, or no cost.

Long Answer: At Root Hog, we mind what matters. in the early 20th century farmers in our area would let their pigs out in the spring and with the command "Root Hog!" The pigs without aid would do what needed to be done by cultivating where they were. We too subcirbe to the philosophy and make the most of what is right in front of us. Participating in sport is not only a means to an end but an end unto itself. Many of the skills and dispositions required in team membership are readily transferable in “real life.” Discovering what is really meant by the words dedication, sacrifice, and servant leadership can be difficult, but when learned in the context of sports, it can also be lots of fun.

There is much being said about college lacrosse, recruiting, select teams and the current state of the sport of lacrosse. Root Hog Lacrosse in many ways will look like the clinics and programs you have heard about. Your player will get coaching, wear a uniform, play, relish wins and suffer defeats. But where we stand apart is that no one at Root Hog is making a living off of your child's participation. This allows us to mind what matters and ignore the trappings of some of the other programs. No one is going to be envious of your player's gear bag, helmet, or other “swag” - because they won't have it. But what you will have are coaches who care about the lacrosse learning experience your player is having and teaching them how to be a good lacrosse player, teammate, and person; and ultimately, developing a love for the game.

We do not cut players, yet Root Hog is not for everyone. If your goal as a parent is to have your child play Division I (D1) lacrosse, we are probably not for you. There are other programs built around parents pursuing that “dream.” We operate under the premise that though children aspire to “be” lot’s of things -- professional athletes, actors, hedge fund managers, Division 1 lacrosse players -- it is our job as parents, coaches and mentors to help them develop the skills, and have the experiences, which will allow them to pursue their passions and talents as they develop into adults. They also need to just be kids and try new things as well. If your player wants to play lacrosse and continue playing in high school and beyond, be at DI, DIII or club, he or she will receive coaching at Root Hog that will allow them to do so. The rest will be up to their talent and dedication to the work required at each level.

There are other programs whose primary purpose appears to be catering to a single-minded goal of D1 lacrosse, even for 4th and 5th graders. They are easily found on the internet or through your local town lacrosse program.

Thomas Jefferson abhorred the growth of manufacturing at the start of the 19th century and wanted America to continue to be a nation of farmers. "Those who labour the earth are the chosen people of God." His reasoning rested on the need for the businessman to forgo his virtue to make a sale of his goods. Lacrosse is facing a similar predicament as more and more people view it as a business and not, as Native American’s referred to it, the Creator's Game. We don't pretend that what we are doing will change the course the sport is heading, but we will have a great time trying.

Root Hog or Die!


Root Hog Lacrosse

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